Steve Woods

Steve Woods, Hypnotist and Director at Experiential Hypnosis Ltd.

Working for nearly 12 years helping people unstick themselves and move forward using the limitless creativity of Hypnosis.

Specialising in exploring previous lives using Spiritual Regression to learn more about yourself and help with development this in turn expands into working with future lives and in particular Future Business Focus.

Being a Hypnotist I also get asked to help with fears, phobias, habits, motivation and the many amazing health benefits of using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Based in the Midlands, I travel all over the Country working with businesses, individuals and groups to help bring about some amazing positive changes in people’s lives.

I am available for talks and demonstrations and can often be found at various mind and body events as well as business networking where I offer ‘Hypnosis Taster’ sessions.

Experience Hypnosis, Experience Change!
08000 599 727 (UK FREE)