John Moore

John Moore FCCA
Entrepreneurial Accountant & Peaky Blinder
HCB Accountants (Sterling) Ltd & Brum Tours


I am an accountant but don’t stop reading!

My true passion is to work with and advise people who are passionate about what they do and help them to become even more successful.

Having worked in the Accountancy world for 30 years and as a member of the FCCA. I have had a varied client base and deal with individuals and Companies from start-ups to £50 million turnover clients. Advising on anything from structure, tax planning and general advice to some of the soft skills needed. The one thing my clients have in common is that they are entrepreneurial.

I don’t specialise particularly but have a number of licensed trade clients all of which have become successful in a difficult market.

I strive to provide client service at a high level and spend time with people to ensure the right advice is given.

I am working with HCB who can provide the best accountancy and legal advice to Entrepreneurs and High Net Worth Individuals.

I am available for Public speaking at events on any business related subject and hope to make accountancy and tax interesting, fun and understandable to everyone.

My night life involves running Brum Tours a successful Walking Tours Company in Birmingham whose showcase tour is a Peaky Blinder Tour, we have a number of guides including Professor Carl Chinn, the prominent Birmingham historian.

Telephone: 07813 464171
Twitter: @bizgrowth_john